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Second and fourth Saturdays will be holiday for students

June 29, 2023

Gymansatics class now started. Please follow the schedule for uniform code.

June 29, 2023

Admissions open for session 2023-24. Register now

June 29, 2023
Welcome to
Sandipani Play School

“Sandipani - A playschool” is being promoted by the Daga family. “Sandipani” is named after Rishi Samdipani Muni who was the guru of Lord Krishna. The very foundation of our school just like its name is based on imparting fun and active learning through modern techniques along with providing an insight into Indian traditions and culture.

Why choose us ?


  • Sports Day: Running, jumping and a little exercise, will keep us fit, healthy and wise. This will be an annual activity involving events such as races, yoga, aerobics etc. to help children understand the importance of physical fitness.
  • Annual Day: Performing together is a very good chance, to bond with peers through music and dance. This activity is aimed at increasing the bonding among children through co-ordination and practice sessions. This is not only a fun event but also an important means of getting rid of stage fear as children perform in front of so many parents and teachers. This is an important confidence boosting activity.
  • Field trips and picnics: The daily school sessions can be monotonous and hectic, so let’s go out for a lovely picnic. Our curriculum includes field trips and picnics which ensures that children are close to nature and learn things by practically analysing things and interacting with society.
  • Yoga: Yoga enhances our ability to deal with changes around us and helps us develop a positive vision towards life. It helps us in dealing with conflicts and monitors aggression. In order to achieve the union of aforementioned points we are including yoga in our daily regime.
  • Special Assemblies: The book knowledge is not sufficient these days so we organise different special sessions for parents and kids to embrace their knowledge. These include Seasons Safari, Garden of five senses, Transport day, Jungle Safari and much more.


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