In the ever changing environment and perception of education, it is the endeavour of our school to groom our children with excellent life skills. We thereby look forward to seeing them developed as a good human being which we consider as our first and foremost priority.

The teachers here are well qualified and experienced. We persevere to apply a human approach to nurture tiny tots with good moral values along with the development of various learning skills. The multimedia classroom and innovation of child centered, activity based teaching pedagogies make learning a pleasant experience for the little ones.

The mid day milk and biscuits facility provided to the students promote good eating habits, table etiquettes and developed social behavior.

All the important national and social festivals/events are celebrated at our school with great pomp and aim to inculcate moral, cultural and traditional values in the children from a very tender age. Children are given spiritual values in the form of yoga and they are encouraged to participate in games and cultural activities along with academics.

In my view, learning is a long journey and each child should imbibe the best out of this journey so that values will remain in their soul throughout their life. Thus, to achieve this target, I need a team work spirit amongst the teachers, students and parents so that we can prepare our students for life and help them to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Hence, let us come together to stimulate the child’s interest in learning, try to develop his curiosity and instill in him through realization that learning is fun.

We look forward to the future with renewed spirit and enthusiasm. I believe that “Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.”

Thanks and regards

Mrs. Prakash Shekhawat