Facilities @
Sandipani Kids School

Well-designed Outdoor Play Area: Nothing could be more fun than some time out on swings and under the sun! Our school boasts of a colourful play area which comprises of a variety of swings, slides, a mud pool, a mini water body among other equipments to allow the toddlers to enjoy while playing and at the same time learning some basic skills of co-ordination and observation through a variety of outdoor activities covered in the curriculum.

Activity den: Books are boring at times but toys are not, how learning can be made so interesting let us find out! Another interesting and attractive area inside the school building is our activity den that has a wide assortment of educational as well as recreational toys including scribbling boards, building blocks, clay dough, shape blocks etc. which kids find very appealing to play with and also ensure enjoyable learning.

Mini library: Yesterday we just learnt a new nursery rhyme; today it’s our favourite, story time! We understand that books are our best friend and just to create an interest in books amongst the kids, we have organised a mini library with a variety of books covering a number of short stories, fairy tales, nursery rhymes amongst other things.

Smart Classes: We enjoy having classes with wonderful audios, but we can learn more with amazing videos! In this era of computers and smart classes, making lessons interesting to toddlers has become all the very more challenging. Hence, in order to attract the fascination of the young ones, we have included some funny lively videos and slides to make classes more engaging and entertaining.

Hygienic Environment: Books, toys and games come first, but I need a hygienic environment too.. Filtered/ R.O. water, Clean Toilets, Clean air conditioned classroom, nicely arranged dining area and many other things makes the school safe and hygienic for the tiny tots.

CCTV Surveillance: Security is of prime importance for us. We have cameras installed throughout our campus to keep an eye on the activities going on in each and every corner of school.